Weekly Goods: Care Packages

I thought we’d go with a theme with today’s posts, OK?

A while back I mentioned on twitter that I was going to be an expert care package giver going forward due to all of the amazing care packages that we were sent to us over the course of Will’s treatment. A few people asked that I share some ideas in the form of a blog post, and I attempted to start one over a month ago. It grew completely out of hand and had no structure, I felt like I could go on and on for ages. Then over the weekend I realized that Weekly Goods was the perfect place for this – a themed goods post on the subject of care packages (more themed Weekly Goods posts will definitely be coming in the future). Limiting it to five categories was tough, but this is just a basic guide. Also, because I’m feeling self conscious and some readers really keep me on my toes about stuff like this, 1. We weren’t given all of these things, I added to the categories, this is not a bragging list. And 2. I can’t stress enough that this is not meant to make anyone feel guilty for not sending us a care package. Any support – phone calls and emails and the like are just as good. This is purely a guide about care packages as I was so inspired by them. Alright, onwards!

1. LOCAL STUFF: If you’re sending a care package to someone who is not in your city, it’s fun to send them things from where you are that they can’t get, or at least are not readily available. It doesn’t have to be food, but this is a typical local-type thing that was a reoccurring theme in our care packages.
Early Bird Granola (Brooklyn), whimsy&spice hazelnut whiskey cookies (Brooklyn), MarketSpice tea (Seattle – tea is always great for people feeling under the weather, too! If you could also send a teapot, that would be awesome as well), Te Aro Burnout Coffee Beans (Toronto)

2. SWEETS: If you’re sending something to a cancer patient, check to make sure they’re eating sugar as it’s a common healing diet to refrain from it, but the cancer center is filled with jars of candy and mints because they help with nausea, and if you’re sending a care package to someone who just needs cheering up, sweets never hurt. Plus finding fun candy is, well, fun!
Jila round mints, Vosges Black Salt Caramel Chocolate bar, papabubble mixed hard candies, Fruit Flavoured Gums (some of these fall under the category of local as well! Hard to categorize.)

3. TREAT YO SELF: Ok, not yourself, but someone else. But you get it. Nice things to treat someone to as just because feeling crummy is all the more reason that you need wonderful smelling body or shaving soap, hand cream or fragrance. Will joked about the soap in his post earlier, but we really have been loving all of it! We never spring for the good stuff on our own.
The Soap & Paper Factory Verbena Hand Cream, Saipua Soap, Sea Salt Soap (great for shaving, super awesome package design), OLO Valens fragrance

4. HANDMADE: Dessert! A mix CD! Art! Jewelry! Put your possible creative talent to use, it’s so sweet to get something handmade. Amazing mix CDs got me through the last few months. If you live near someone, make them dinner and drop it by (don’t invite yourself over to make something unless you’re totally sure they’re ok with that, personally our apartment was quarantined for 3 months.) This isn’t exactly handmade, but one of the best things ever is that our friends who live down the street from us went to Whole Foods and bought us a week’s worth of groceries, delivered to our doorstep. I cried at the sight of it all it was so perfect.

5. BOOKS: You don’t even need to buy new books, my grandma sent us a huge box of her old books, which was so sweet. Anyone under the weather – either in a hospital or not – probably has a lot of time on their hands in bed and books come to the rescue. A magazine subscription would be great, too. Also, I didn’t want to make this category too expansive but all forms of entertainment are great – games and movies and such.
The Marriage Plot (my favorite book this year), Fashion Cats, 3191 Quarterly, 1Q84 (Will’s favorite book this year)

I could go into intense detail on other ways to support people when they need it outside of physical care packages, but that isn’t the point of this post and it would make this so long your eyes would roll back into your head.

Now go forth and make someone’s day who needs it!