Weekly Goods

Welcome to a new weekly feature on For Me, For You: Weekly Goods. I miss hunting down stuff on the internet and decided that Friday Bits will be focused on being a wrap-up of weekly blog/internet finds, and Weekly Goods will be a random assortment of five products I like each week. I’m going to shoot for it to be a Wednesday feature, and Weekly Music will still fall somewhere in the middle of the week. In my attempt to be less materialistic here, I think I went a little too far in the opposite direction and I lost sight of the fun of blogging and this blog was getting a tad too personal and emotional for my comfort zone. I need to find a better balance in the new year, so I’m going to give this feature a shot for that!

1. For dry winter lips: Fig + Yarrow Rose Vanilla Tinted Lip Sheen (via Singular Possessive) – 2. For days when I get out of my pjs and act like a lady: Pebble Print Dress – 3. For instant happy making: Depeapa Pom Pom Garland (via Anne) – 4. For pretty bedside reading: Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets illustrated by Caitlin Keegan (someone sent this to me and it’s SO beautiful!) 5. To rehang my bedroom lamps from: Iron Hooks

ps. Happy Birthday to my bestie Andrea! I hope it’s wonderful, lady, see you soon!