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You may recall, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, that my younger brother is a talented musician that I make music with sometimes when I’m home in Seattle. He can play pretty much every instrument under the sun, and I am an award winning vocalist, (Jokes. But really, I won State in high school choir and have you seen Glee, guys??) so our powers combined makes my heart sing. But we are Miss’s, and that means we have a lazy streak so though talk about recording long distance happens often, it wasn’t until both of our extreme brokeness this year made us realize this was the perfect time to finally record some songs and give them out as the most winningest Christmas present ever.

The songs are a random grab bag, but they are also parent and grandparent friendly. My grandpa is a Willie Nelson fanatic and taught me all the words to Crazy when I was a kid, so that was just for him. A few didn’t make it that I’m determined to add later, like something from First Aid Kit or Fleetwood Mac. Some were really hard, and I’m a bit self conscious about my voice on, like Somebody I Used to Know, but mostly I’m so damn proud that we pulled this together in just a few weeks. My brother Matt gets most of the credit, and a gold star for staying up til 5am finishing everything on Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy it!

ps. props to Will for the awesome cover illustration of us!

UPDATE: As requested, you can now download the song files here! We don’t legally have the right to sell the album, but thanks for the interest in purchasing it.

Here’s the track listing with the song credits:

Birds of a Feather / The Civil Wars
Harvest Moon / Neil Young
Rich Woman / Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Cinder & Smoke /  Iron & Wine
Somebody That I Used To Know /  Gotye + Kimbra
Goshen /  Beirut
Barton Hollow /  The Civil Wars
Crazy / Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson


  1. says

    This is great! Harvest Moon is one of my most favorite songs, and you guys nailed it.

    One of my dreams is to record a little album like this. I started taking voice lessons last year, but that shit gets expensive. But I’ve got my track list growing, and can’t wait to record it some day.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says


    Wait, this is INCREDIBLE!!! You guys are AMAZING. move over She+Him! Let me catch my breath.


    Crazy is my *favorite*. Favorite favorite favorite. Your voice is INCREDIBLE, Kate Miss of Many Talents! GAHHHH!!!!!

  3. Debs says

    Really lovely to hear your singing voice.
    It’s great for the soul lifting your spirits and makes you feel alive.

    Well done it’s really good.

  4. says

    Seriously? Your voice is beautiful Kate! What else have you been hiding from us? Glad things are returning to normal for you guys and that Will’s health is on the up & up. Happy New Year.

  5. says

    Beautiful! I love your bro and sis album, such a sweet idea and special gift. If your bro is ever looking for vocalists in the Seattle area, please give him my info. I’m a singer and songwriter and I love collaborating with talented peeps! :) xo

  6. says

    I love homemade gifts — and love to give musical compilations to the people in my life — so this post made me happy! You’re so lucky you can sing!

  7. Dani says

    Wow, I am beyond impressed and totally obsessed! (I didn’t mean to make that rhyme) Honestly, I could listen all day. Such talent!

  8. cde says

    This is great! You two are very talented. What a fun bond for you and your brother. Lots of good tracks here–Goshen is such a moving song.

  9. Mandy Moo says

    OOOOOOh … BIG love! …. & so so inspiring & chock full of talent, thoughtfulness & beauty.
    I will play it over & over & share with my loved ones & friends.
    I love sharing music, Thank-you for sharing with us.
    Cute cover work too!
    You guys rock. Oh. yes. you. do!

  10. says

    What a beautiful gift – and I really like your voice! No need to be self conscious – your “Somebody I used to know” version is incredible :)

  11. Cindy says

    After reading your blog for so long, its amazing to finally hear what you sound like! And it totally ROCKS! Wow, you’re amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Noni says

    first music i can hear.

    everything was too folk-y around here – for me.

    but – can´t belive – it´s so you.

    <3 it

  13. Frances says

    Another talent?? You are unstoppable! Your voice is really really lovely. I could have been given this CD and told it was someone with a full on band, groupies, and diva attitude due to all her success. Well done.

    I think today is the big day. You will both be in my thoughts. Stay strong!

  14. says

    Kate, this is so great ! You guys rock.
    And so funny to hear your voice :)
    CRAZY is my favourite, it sounds wonderful.
    Have a very very happy new year.

  15. says

    Kate, what a beautiful collection of covers. My boyfriend and I had such a lovely evening listening to your music! You voice sounds great on Somebody That I Used to Know… my favorite of all the tracks.

  16. says

    Oh Kate! Beautiful! What a thoughtful gift for your family.

    I especially like your interpretation of Kimbra’s vocals on the Gotye track. It’s a challenging track to attempt – I can see how it would make you a bit nervous. But you definitely pulled it off.

    I’d love to hear you do some Fleetwood Mac!

  17. Sara/Matchbox Kitchen says

    Kate, this is amazing! Props to you and your brother for putting this together. I’ve come back to this page way too many times so I can listen over and over. Please let there be a part 2!

  18. says

    fantastic Kate! I really love the songs, you have a beautiful voice as does your talented brother and this is a great gift idea. SO lovely! Thank you for sharing!!

  19. Belinda says

    Kate Miss you are a wonder!
    Oh and Matt’s not too shabby either…!
    Thinking especially good thoughts for Will right now. xx

  20. says

    AND you can sing. Wow. You are totally inspiring me to do something creative RIGHT NOW. So ood to hear your voice after reading your blog for ages! Makes you like, a real person or something

  21. says

    It must be my first comment since I’ve been following your blog but I had to say how great you sound ! I love all these 8 covers!

  22. michelle says

    i can’t believe this is you! these are really great, and the fact that it was a little family project is very inspiring. thanks for sharing.

  23. michelle says

    …and i actually just read what Bea above me said, and ditto! also my first comment because, well, wow! very impressed.

  24. jude says

    This is a such a great album but I’m wondering – is there any way to download or purchase it so I can add it to itunes instead of listening to it off here? Has anyone done this?

  25. Jessica says

    French reader here, I LOVE All of these songs. This is fantastic and totally the music I want to listen to right now (and surely during the past 12 months and coming 12 months as well). Thank you very much for sharing this! Oh how I miss the US……

  26. says

    This is so wonderful! “Harvest Moon” is one of my all-time favorite songs (as Neil Young is one of my all-time favorite musicians) and your rendition is perfect. My husband and I are putting together a playlist for the birth of our daughter in a few weeks and I’m definitely adding your cover of this song on the list. Thanks for doing this!

  27. says

    A beautiful and most personal Christmas gift. So much thought and creativity went into this, more than if you grabbed your wallets and went to the store. Your friends and family were very lucky to get such a lovely present–as are we!

  28. Miss_Em says

    Hi Kate, I don’t usually comment on people’s blogs but felt I had to after this one. Thank you so much for your music its brilliant!

  29. says

    I downloaded the album a few weeks ago but I didn’t had the chance to listened to it until today. It’s currently snowing, I’m warm in my bed and oh my, your covers are so lovely ! You did such a good work with your brother. Plus I absolutely adore Rich Woman and Harvest Moon, they are so beautiful songs, so I’m really happy.


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