Weekly Music

You may recall, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, that my younger brother is a talented musician that I make music with sometimes when I’m home in Seattle. He can play pretty much every instrument under the sun, and I am an award winning vocalist, (Jokes. But really, I won State in high school choir and have you seen Glee, guys??) so our powers combined makes my heart sing. But we are Miss’s, and that means we have a lazy streak so though talk about recording long distance happens often, it wasn’t until both of our extreme brokeness this year made us realize this was the perfect time to finally record some songs and give them out as the most winningest Christmas present ever.

The songs are a random grab bag, but they are also parent and grandparent friendly. My grandpa is a Willie Nelson fanatic and taught me all the words to Crazy when I was a kid, so that was just for him. A few didn’t make it that I’m determined to add later, like something from First Aid Kit or Fleetwood Mac. Some were really hard, and I’m a bit self conscious about my voice on, like Somebody I Used to Know, but mostly I’m so damn proud that we pulled this together in just a few weeks. My brother Matt gets most of the credit, and a gold star for staying up til 5am finishing everything on Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy it!

ps. props to Will for the awesome cover illustration of us!

UPDATE: As requested, you can now download the song files here! We don’t legally have the right to sell the album, but thanks for the interest in purchasing it.

Here’s the track listing with the song credits:

Birds of a Feather / The Civil Wars
Harvest Moon / Neil Young
Rich Woman / Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Cinder & Smoke /  Iron & Wine
Somebody That I Used To Know /  Gotye + Kimbra
Goshen /  Beirut
Barton Hollow /  The Civil Wars
Crazy / Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson