Weekly Music

It’s time for another installment of lovely ladies singing.

First up, somehow the new First Aid Kit album, The Lion’s Roar, came out quietly two weeks ago (at least quietly to me) that I was patiently waiting for, thinking I still had months to go. I literally just downloaded it and I’m already in love. I really want to be best friends with these girls, can someone make that happen?

Elise posted about a photo shoot she worked on with singer Alva Leigh. Something about those pretty photos told me there was a pretty voice behind it as well, so I checked out the songs on her facebook page and wowza, she is a talented lady. My favorite song is the first one – Ordinary Day – her voice is so clear and pure, I could listen to it all day. I hope the photo shoot means an album is on its way.

Just discovered the beauty Lianne La Havas and listened to her album Lost & Found over and over this weekend. She reminds me a bit of Corinne Bailey Rae, but a bit more smoky in the voice. I love this Take Away Show with her, the look on the guy’s face when he hears her sing at 2:55 is priceless!

And lastly, you’ve probably heard it by now, but I realized that I forgot to include a song on my best of 2011 mix. How could I forget this Mazzy Star single “Common Burn” from their upcoming album? It’s so incredibly beautiful, I can’t wait for it to come out and possibly see them at Coachella. How often do 90’s comebacks make you this excited?