Bits Of My Weekend

handsome coffee
Nicely making coffee
Damn handsome, damn delicious
Barnsdall Park
Barnsdall Park
gratuitous lensflare

a Handsome latte | Nicely making deliciousness at Myrtle (Will knew him in Venice, what a small world) | bean perfection | almond flour pancakes w/banana + citrus, scrambled eggs w/ sweet potato + spinach + avocado | fluff | Barnsdall Park trees | the Great Lawn | gratuitous lens flare on the Hollyhock House | lovely hill

Kicked off the weekend with an awe-inspiring volunteer orientation at 826LA – I’m so amazed at all that they do, followed by deliciousness at Mohawk Bend before heading to the Myrtle Valentines shindig where my Seattle girl heart was stolen by the perfect latte from Handsome Coffee. The rest of the weekend was a blur of relaxing and Harry Potter watching and we wrapped things up with a sunset visit to Barnsdall, where I obviously had more than enough photo ops. It was such a gorgeous, clear weekend and the park was a perfect end to a great weekend.