Bits Of My Weekend

ranunculus at the table | arrows at the Rose Bowl | breakfast (super successful grain free banana bread!) | a smirky leopard coat pose from Taylor | The Story Of Blood – surprisingly disappointing inside for that rad cover | chicken, kale, and leeks | Burbank sunset

There were brunches and family and Downton Abbey and the Rose Bowl and an art opening, but all I want to tell you about is that it’s happened: I feel at home. I f*cking love LA. I don’t have that exact list yet (and I don’t know if there ever will be one), but I at least have the feeling down.


  1. says

    It’s funny because as soon as this post loaded, it was clear that you’re in good spirits, and I’m so happy to see that you’re happy! I recently re-located to a new state that I’m still feeling “eh” towards, I look forward to the day that I feel truly comfortable as well. Your weekend looks like it was wonderful!

  2. katy says

    love it! home is a sweet place to be!

    how funny- I gave blood last week and started researching my blood type because I used to have the “diet for your blood type diet” and i supposed to be a hardcore vegetarian/vegan…but it is quite interesting. some people in japan actually use blood tyoe as criterion for dating and have compatiblity charts like horoscopes…random tidbit for ya!

    love the ranaculus + arrows + cute boy + deliousness + pretty sunset

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, that first photo made me absolutely ache for the real world… the Antarctic is beautiful and all but it does not contain reds that pop like your ranunculus. Savoring every photo, per usual.

  4. Rachel says

    It makes me happy when people find that feeling of home in L.A. I’m a native S. Californian & I’ve called Pasadena home for the past 12 years & I’m even more happy & proud to call Pasadena my special community. Keep enjoying those beautiful sunsets :)

  5. says

    Uh oh. This post just made me feel like I need to high tail it out of BK and head straight for the West Coast. Did you ever feel at home in NY? Or is this a new feeling–just for LA.

  6. Daniela says

    Just wanted to say that your photos of my hometown have kept me sane on some particularly mopey days here in Korea. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been home now, and I’m starting to miss the place like I never thought possible.

    Thanks for keeping the homesickness at bay.

  7. says

    i wish i could bite my tongue on this one, but DAMN is that boy ever delicious. good thing i can’t jump through the screen, heh.

    moving along! those flowers are amazing…i really need to get some ranunculus to cheer up this mopey apt of ours. the colours are so vivid, almost painterly. lovely. :)

    and lastly, i’m glad you’re starting to feel as though LA is home. it’s always so tough picking up and moving somewhere so different, so congrats on taking it (and everything else this past year) in stride.

  8. says

    Hooray for Downton Abbey and feeling at home! There’s a lot to be said for only ever having to deal with rain and heat, weather-wise. :) The Rose Bowl is just too much for me, I prefer Long Beach or other smaller fleas in Orange County. Less driving and less mind-overload. ;)

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