Bits Of My Weekend

orange juice making (thank you, California)sushi eating face/hey, look, hair! | ramen cheating | sun basking | owl sighting at the flea | taco reward

Oh dear, where to start? Busiest, best weekend ever. Lots of neighborhood exploring, coffee drinking, pickle and sauerkraut making with Jessica at SQIRL (a highly recommended class! more here – I just noticed she has a tea making class coming up and I am tempted), a visit to MOCA, ramen in Little Tokyo (cheated on my no gluten and sugar thing like 800 million times, sigh). Then a very early and successful trip to the Long Beach flea with Lisa where we both found awesome furniture! That never happens to me. I got two bedside dressers that need a little TLC so I’m going to clean them up before sharing photos. The weekend was concluded with beer and burgers at Umami (Cheater McCheaterson) and watching the greatest SNL episode in forevs. I slept like a baby last night.


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    yum, i can see why you’d cheat, haha. also, i’ve been thinking of buying a little juicer like yours for summertime (sadly, the only time there’s good citrus around)…what kind are you using?

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    Pickling and sauerkraut making are items high on my agenda for this spring! That last taco photo is making me long for California. Also, I think it might be time to buy a hand juicer (your grapefruits and cute yellow device have won me over).

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    Sounds like a brilliant weekend! I’d love to hear more about your no sugar/gluten diet if you feel like sharing. Will’s hair is lookin mighty fine!

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    Ooh, where’d you get ramen? Shin Sen Gumi on Central is my new fave! Ahem, in case there are any other cheat days in your future. I am thinking about giving up sugar too, though. I did it once and felt so good, but I can’t seem to find my willpower lately. :X

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    I was debating for so long about the pickling class, good to know it was worthwhile (not that I suspected otherwise). So funny that you mention the tea class as I’ve been researching lately on how to make my own teas. That one just might be out of my budget though unfortunately.

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