Friday Bits

A few internet gems this week:

1. I do a bang up job at not being sad that I don’t live in NYC anymore, but I’m very jealous of you New Yorkers who can buy lovely flowers for your Valentine from Amy at Castor & Pollux over the next few days.
2. Remember that wonderful poem that Hila wrote about the new year? Well Satsuma Press turned it into a beautiful print so you can hang it up and be reminded to “stop saying yes when I really mean no”.
3. I skipped Weekly Music this week (seriously all I’ve been listening to is the new First Aid Kit and slowly coming to somewhat shamelessly enjoy the new Lana Del Rey album) so I offer up this beautiful video Joshua from Street Etiquette made for Jesse Boykins III’s equally beautiful song “Light To Dark”.
4. Today is the day – Ilana Kohn for Of a Kind! Does not disappoint.

Have a great weekend, everyone!