Friday Bits

What’s this, six items? I couldn’t even find my six-item Photoshop template it’s been so long.

1. A lovely video interview with Dani Griffiths of Clyde by Domahoka. It made me realize that you don’t often get to see smaller designers in motion or hear their voice, and if they don’t have a blog that’s personal, see their face either. One interesting thing in the interview for me was when Dani says that she loves how warm Brooklyn is over Vancouver, BC – that she can stop and have a great conversation with anyone on the street. Could we have had a more different impression of New York? I would say the exact opposite, and for that I love how people interpret cities differently and it makes me happy that someone thinks of New York like that.
2. I love seeing Anabela and her bag contents beautifully illustrated on Natasha’s blog as part of her handbag series.
3. Maggie‘s gorgeous Silver, Ruby, & Violet instrumental music mix is like the perfect mellow counterpart to my upbeat productivity mix yesterday. In fact, I wrote this blog post while listening to it and found it perfect while you’re typing.
4. Bret McKenzie (for those of you who don’t want to have his babies, he is one half of Flight Of The Conchords) talks to Terry Gross about writing songs for The Muppets. Need I say more?
5. Shelter Half sounds like such a great store here in LA, focusing on made-in-America home goods. Must go asap. via Remodelista via Laure.
6. I stumbled across the blog of illustrator Oana Befort recently and I just love seeing shots of her sketchbook. She makes it look so effortless, drawing so beautifully like that! Amazing.

Have a great weekend, friends.