Recent DIYs

I’ve been getting crafty on a budget lately with some DIYs.

Vintage spoons + paint + leather ties = simple, easy art above my sink.

An old shirt from H&M made new again with fabric dye. The mottled look comes from the fabric not being 100% cotton and the dye not taking to it completely, no fancy moves made to achieve it.

Flea market side dressers (there’s another one on the other side of the bed) sanded, stained and handles replaced (they’re a nice brass but the light was so awful they’re looking silver here). Because y’all are predictable with your questions, the lamp is from West Elm and the bedding is DwellStudio.


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    Love it. I had the same accidental dye job with my West Elm duvet. I will have to post a photo of it on my blog. I fell asleep too many times with a pen in hand. I had to change the beige to a (much improved) deep purple-ish-charcoal.

    Good DIYs. Practical and effective.

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    So inspiring. I love little, quick projects. They are so satisfying. Your spoons are beautiful.

    I’m pretty sure those nightstands were the best find ever.


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