Seattle On Film: Part 3

foggy view

ice storm damage
Matt preparing
Ace sink

foggy view from the Ace | waiting | ice storm damage to the wetlands behind my grandparents’ house: normally you cannot see the fence of the houses behind them | Matt, preparing for a rather interesting live performance of Matt + Kate we gave (we’d never done the songs in person before, it was bizarre) | Oscar dog, the best dog | Ace sink (I love that soap on a rope)

This is actually the last of Seattle, I finished up the roll at home because the end of my trip was spent with my grandparents relaxing, so my camera was neglected. Actually, grandparents and relaxing is hilarious in a sentence together if you’ve ever met my grandparents. They do not stop moving, especially my grandpa. At once point we were in the middle of a conversation on the couch and he hopped up and jumped onto his exercise bike to finish our conversation while he peddled. He never wastes a moment, it’s insane but inspiring, his secret to youth.