Weekly Goods

No theme this week, just things that have caught my eye lately.

1. Maritime Soap Set
2. Moon Print (via Honey Kennedy)
3. Steven Alan Mary Jane Sandals (I don’t care how many stupid Pinterest commenters tell me how ugly these are, I’m pining for them big time. Since when did Pinterest become voting on whether or not you like the things people pin? Sick of it. End rant.)
4. Mother Travail Apron (Yokoo‘s new shop, click on the apron link for a much better view!)
5. Brook&lyn Stacked Glass Circle Necklace (via Mallory)


ps. I did some fiddling with my sidebar yesterday as the width was bothering me, so now I have room for slightly larger ads (but still at the same price). Email me (katemiss at gmail) if you’re interested as I have a couple spots open. I’ve lowered my prices a bit recently to give more opportunity for small businesses as I know this isn’t a “make it rain” kind of time for a lot of us.