Cosmic Sands: A peek

A look at some things that will be available at Cosmic Sands this Saturday: Four amazing zines from Will – highlights include a project he’s been working on for years taking photos of posters of women in store windows that have faded to blue in the sunshine and a pretty amazing homage to Wu-Tang, which I think is the most beautiful of the four. I made a special space/beach composite print just for the show and three limited edition space-themed clay necklaces. The zines will range from $5-10, the prints $10, and the necklaces a special show price of $40. Everything will only be sold at the show and is in very limited quantities. Will also has some larger original pieces that I couldn’t photograph and we’re hoping to have DVDs of the film as well.

This is a one-night only event and there will be no gallery hours, but I will be taking tons of photos! We hope to see you there – rain or shine, it’s on.