Cosmic Sands

photo by Riel

I finally had a moment to edit photos from the show we had last weekend. I’m kicking myself for not realizing I hadn’t taken a single photo until the last 10 minutes, therefore I have ONE photo of the opening and two that Bianca managed to snag. So it looks rather sad, like we had an opening and we just stood in the rain alone. But no, lots of wonderful people came and it was a great time. And I can’t kick myself too much because I had so many great conversations catching up with new and old friends that I’m glad I didn’t hide behind my camera all night. Have you ever had an event and spent the next day regretting not talking to enough people? Always the worst. My voice was almost gone the next day.

The film was projected gigantic on the outside of the building so you could see it as you were driving up, and then smaller in the backyard with sound and magical christmas lights and an AMAZING tarp our friends erected just in the nick of time for the downpour. It was a pretty great team effort.

Thank you to everyone who braved the freezing rain to come and hang out! We are grateful to have such amazing friends. All the work below in the gallery was made by Will except for a few things in the case (which he also made!) that I made.

photo by Bianca of my cousin Taylor and I and some awesome blog readers who came all the way out from Playa Del Ray! So amazing of them.

If you couldn’t make it out, the film is now online! You can watch it here, or below.

Cosmic Sands from William Steinman on Vimeo.