Forest Magic

Through a series of hilarious and disappointing attempts to film Will’s next project on a rocky beach in Malibu, Saturday morning Will and I and two friends found ourselves in a magical forest off the Pacific Coast Highway in a torrential downpour. It wasn’t our first choice, but the beaches were all closed and we had to make due, yet it turned out perfect. A trickling creek and lush green trees as bright as could be. I loved it for reminding me of home (I can hardly remember a childhood camping trip sans a rainy creek) and for not making Will have a complete heart attack that we drove all the way out there at 7am to have our plans ruined. I’m not sure exactly where we were because I kid you not it was like an I Love Lucy episode of failed turns finding somewhere to just stop and film anything, but I believe we were in Corral Canyon Park. I rigged up a hilarious looking umbrella and waterproof backpack contraption to shoot these photos. Slightly stupid of me and my new camera, but how could I not? Someday I’ll show you photos of what Will was filming.

So if you saw me on Saturday and thought I was a bit tipsy that evening, nope, not the case. Just pushing the limits of sleep and stress! That’s how we do.