Friday Bits

I had such a great week – so many field trips and good friends and food, I’m hoping to wrap up a roll of film by the end of the weekend to share with you soon. Here are a few things that grabbed my attention this week online:

1. Stunning photos of Sandra’s home in black and white. The texture and richness is incredible, oh how I love when Sandra post film shots.
2. SoHi looks like an interesting, beautifully designed magazine. via September Industry, a great design site that Jessica introduced me to.
3. With her latest project, An Extra DayVic continues to amaze and inspire me. On Leap Day she spent the day meeting 24 new people and photographing them.
4. Oh, the Kinfolk dinner in Brooklyn. Oh, oh, oh. I really hope it comes to LA! photo by Leo Patrone.
5. I was asked to contribute to this lovely new project/blog, Something Fine, which is all about first love. You should check it out and submit something, it’s really wonderful.
6. I’m obsessed with this French blog all about amazing nail art – Pshiiit. Heart palpitations, I tell ya. via Alison.

Have a wonderful weekend! Is anyone else in LA going to The Secret Fork? It looks great and I think we’re going to check it out.