Friday Bits

Is it honestly already Friday? Perhaps not the best week, but at least it flew by. Thank you for sharing your own thoughts on things that make you happy this week and making me feel less alone in my blahs.

It was a good internet week, I had too many things to pick from today!

1. Michael’s latest portraits are an inspiration to me for my pledge to take more of them myself. Photo by Michael A. Muller.
2.  The Wilder Quarterly (such a great publication) blog is full of lots of gems, such as this tidbit I was not aware of: Over one third of all cacti species are endangered and cacti fall just below drugs and guns as the most popular item smuggled out of Mexico. I had no idea! An important thing to know when purchasing a cactus – was it legally grown?
3.  I don’t often share personal design work here because a lot of what I do is quite corporate and not too terribly exciting these days – but one very exciting project was redesigning Anabela’s wonderful blog, Fieldguided. She was a dream client and I’m so happy with how it turned out, thanks to Geoff’s awesome coding skillz. You can read more about it here.
4. Edits Quarterly is an incredible new online publication of “short narratives in film and photography”. The site is beautifully designed and the functionality is really inventive and inspiring.
5. How great are Sian Keegan’s new bags she’s working on for her shop? A custom bag for my jewelry is my dream someday.
6.  Maria, aka Miss Crowland, has a new custom portrait offering in her shop and used a photo of me as an example of her amazing work, which is really fun. Anabela and Geoff are also in there, so this is the Kate, Anabela, and Geoff edition of Friday Bits. She also previously she used Wendy for her pet portraits, so we are just mugging it up in her wonderful shop.

Have a great weekend, friends.