Friday Bits

This week has been insane. It was already crazy when I came across an opportunity that my reaction to surprised me, and my week went from crazy to bat shit. I wish I could say TGIF, but I’ll be working a good portion of the weekend as well. But busy is good and I’m not complaining. I will definitely be drowning my face in a margarita tonight as we kind of have a new tradition of Mexican food Fridays.

How I pulled this post together is a wonder to me, but I found so many goodies during a forced break yesterday around the blogosphere:

1. This dinner in the Smith Tower in Seattle (remember this feature?) in the newest issue of Kinfolk blows my mind. An amazing looking meal by  Molly Wizenberg and Brandon Pettit, gorgeous photos by Kyle Johnson. My grandmother worked in the Smith Tower when it was the tallest building on the West Coast (until the Space Needle was erected), and I’d always wondered as a kid what it was like at the top until I saw that NYT article. What I’d give to be able to show her these photos. And what I’d give to go up there, terrified of heights and all!
2.  Did you know that Moby has a blog about beautiful architecture in Los Angeles? Mad props, buddy. Thanks for bringing this amazingness to my attention, Kelly.
3. Wikipedia hopping and trivia. I live for this kind of useless knowledge. photo by Adam Sharp
4. The story behind Don Draper’s new digs. In related news, I feel better about the Mad Men premiere that almost made me fall asleep after reading these comments and this article. I think Game of Thrones brainwashed me recently into needing constant stimulation and action. And heads being cut off?

Have a great weekend, friends!