Neighborhood Happiness

I just got a roll of film back, shot with my very first camera that my dad gave me when I was 15 – a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic. I haven’t used it in years since my A-1 came into my life – it’s beat up and didn’t have a lens cap for years so it’s a bit dusty, but I didn’t realize before what an amazing 55mm lens it has. Plus with a good roll of film in it, rather than the drug store crap I used to load it with back in the day, it’s really more of a gem than I remember it being. Lots to share in the coming week.

So, back on the topic of things that make me happy, here are a few neighborhood pick me ups. We don’t live exactly where I wish we did, but it’s a hearty walk or short drive to some of my favorite places on earth, so that’s pretty great. I haven’t lived somewhere with things I love to walk to in a while, and it’s nice to walk somewhere and buy something rather than order things online – my usual move.

New High Mart is my favorite store in Los Feliz. I stopped by while running errands to get a few things for a care package I was making for a friend and decided to buy some nice things that are also functional that we needed – my favorite soap and some dish towels.

The bags they give you are almost too pretty to toss. The handles are bright blue rope. It’s still sitting on my desk as I know I’ll figure out someone to pay it forward to.

I drove Will to work the other day so I could go grocery shopping, and oh, what do you know, I drove right by Broome Street General Store, perfect excuse for a delicious Gimme! Coffee latte. Another shop of fantastic goodies. I came home and that latte and I went out for a walk with my Ikoflex. I’m sad to report that every photo I took came out blank as something strange happened to my camera while it sat on my shelf for two months, every photo taken after that point – poof! Gone. Guessing somehow I exposed the film? No worries, I won’t let it bum me out too much.

shot with Fuji Neopan SS 100