On Happy Making

Confession: I’ve been kind of down lately. Nothing serious, nor is there anything specifically bumming me out, but rather a combination of stupid little things getting to me. I used to be well versed in feeling sorry for myself and one of my markers of success in maturity over the years is my ability to address those feelings head on and not let them wreck me. But sometimes it’s hard because feeling sorry for yourself is so easy. It’s easy to stay in your pajamas all day, it’s easy to ignore your email inbox, it’s easy to crawl back in bed and procrastinate. So yesterday, towards the end of the day, I decided it was time to end this week of blahs. And even though this is a particularly tricky case of ’em, I have to grab hold of the things I can control in life, and well, control them.

(And I’d like to take a moment here to make sure I’m clear that I’m talking about being in a bad mood, not clinically depressed, which is so very different and you shouldn’t try to just “snap out of it” in that case – asking for help is courageous and admirable.)

Some little things helping me. I’m not dependent on “stuff” helping me feel better, but sometimes little “stuff” does indeed help. Pictured above, a plant I bought myself after a frustrating afternoon. $10 happiness and now our bedroom has a bit of life (why should the living room have all the fun?) note – the lovely calendar is an old Astrology Calendar from Prismatic that is too pretty to toss even though 2011 is long gone.

My Halona glass piece arrived and it’s even more beautiful in person. It casts beautiful rainbows around the room at certain points in the day and makes me smile every time I spot them. Occasionally retail therapy, especially when supporting an artist like this, is a-ok.

Going for a walk, headphones on, pensive music on. For some reason I forgot how much I need to go take a walk every day and my walks have almost stopped happening until I remembered again this week. It’s terribly cliché and makes me feel as if I’m in a Wes Anderson movie, but These Days is my favorite “go for a walk and be alone with my thoughts” song. One of my favorite mixes for chill moods is Miss Moss’s Ships In The Night mix – I still listen to it all the time! Funny since she made it almost exactly a year ago. Is March a pensive month?

Amazing happy-making package from JetPens. When Brad emailed me to see if he could send me some pens, I jumped up and down as I am a Jet Pens groupie or whatever that makes me. Obsessed. My old coworker got me into the site and we’d would order from them all the time, on a quest for the finest tipped pen possible (annoying everyone we wrote a note to) and it has been too long since I bought anything from them. I’m particularly into the Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Mangaka 01 pen. I nearly forgot how pens are one of the keys to my happiness. I know, I’m a simple girl.

Other things: two unexpected hand written thank you notes, warm enough weather to have the windows wide open, dropping off two rolls of film to be developed (something to look forward to), Will’s beard being back in action, brats with my homemade sauerkraut that’s finally ready, Tuesday work days with Lisa and Jessica at my apartment.