Please join us: Cosmic Sands

Do you remember ages and ages ago when we filmed a space man short on the beach? Well, the time has come for the world to see it, and we’d love if you would join us at Elephant in LA to watch it, hang out, plus have the opportunity to get your paws on some very limited edition and specially priced space-themed necklaces and prints of mine, plus some amazing zines that Will has been working on for a while now. I’d like to think of it as our official “welcome back to the real world” night, honestly, and we can’t wait to celebrate. Even if you’re a total stranger and have never said hello and want to come, we’d love to meet you. Elephant has a very cool backyard so I’m confident that it will be a great night of friends and art.

Formal details:

Please join us on March 17th for a showing of William Steinman’s new short video work, Cosmic Sands. This science fiction film is about a lowly space pirate and his ultimate encounter with a vegetable antihero.

There will also be three never before released zines available by William Steinman, a limited edition run of space inspired necklaces and prints by Kate Miss, plus food and beverages and much more!

Written & Directed by William Steinman
Starring Jarrett Scherff
Produced by Kate Miss
Director of Photography Riel Roch Dector

3325 division St.
los angeles, ca 90065
March 17th, 7-10pm

Special thanks to Bianca for helping make this happen.