Some randoms

To interrupt my film photo sharing – I traded/upgraded from my Canon T2i to a 60D as I’ve been really frustrated with my camera on photo shoots lately and feel like I’ve outgrown it. The 60D is definitely a more pro camera (I pine for a 5D, but that’s just not a sensible purchase for me right now!) and even though I’m trying to shoot more film, I’ve had fun shooting a bit with it lately, especially with how expensive of a habit shooting film is and how long I have to wait to get things developed – sadly I can’t always shoot film. I’m shooting a couple weddings this summer that I can’t wait to really put this in action for.

I had to share this last not so interesting photo of my sauerkraut (with brats, natch) in action from the class I took with Jessica! It’s SO good and I basically have enough to last me a year, ha. The pickles are hanging out in the background, too, which are also excellent and going fast.

All photos were taken with a 50mm lens