Weekly Goods

This week, a collection of easy on the eyes pieces for the home.

1. Vintage Lamp
2. Ghana Market Basket
3. Rustic Storage Side Table
4. Roundcross Throw
5. Circle Shelf (Will tells me he could probably make something similar for me. Carpenter boyfriend, I love you.) via A Merry Mishap

The topic of home is on my mind a lot lately as we’re thinking that maybe moving into a smaller, cheaper apartment and getting a work space to work out of outside of our home might be a good idea. Work spaces are pretty affordable in LA and I’m talking with some friends about this idea as having a little more community and a separate space to work in might be much needed motivation and worth the productivity I hope it would result in. I’m also quite tired of having jewelry pieces everywhere and it being hard to get messy with making. It’s still in the gestational period in my brain, but it’s becoming more and more serious. So, we shall see.