Weekly Music

On such a ladies kick the past few months, is it just me or are we having kind of a ’90s girl rock/folk revival? Or maybe it’s just that I am? Resisting my annual urge to learn to play the guitar again. On repeat, a little late on hearing some of these:


  1. gia says

    Nice job- once again. I think we have similar taste in music. I think the third song is sung with Devotchka. Do you know them? Epic. I rollerbladed last summer with them on my ipod and I sware, I was flying listening to them. They are amazing for long walks too. A boy introduced me to them. I still think about him. :)

  2. Liz says

    Thank you for these suggestions! I just downloaded Sharon Van Etten’s album (Tramp) becuase of your post and I’m currently obsessed!

  3. says

    i cannot stop listening to sharon van etten song. and i thought i recognized beiruts contributions – thanks for clearing that up!

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