Weekly Music: Lost In The Trees

Last Thursday I was on Spotify going down a rabbit hole of listening to bands I like and then checking out the related artists, which is my favorite way to find bands I’ve never heard before lately. This lead me to discover Lost In The Trees, which I loved instantly. I found their website and it just so happened they were playing that very night at the Echo, so I got Jessica on board to get tickets with me. A totally impulsive plan, which I’m not usually in the habit of these days, but an awesome decision. It was one of those shows where I stood with my mouth ajar in awe the whole time, the kind of show where everyone else in the room disappears and you’re kind of hovering with the music. They are so powerful on stage, so many instruments and energy. They’ve got a touch of Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens and some other magic that’s all their own.  They’re touring with Poor Moon, a new band with two Fleet Foxes members that also put on an excellent show, so definitely check it out if the tour is coming your way!

Spotify links for the two bands if you want to listen before you buy: Lost In The Trees, Poor Moon.