Bits Of My Weekend: Coachella

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You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but we’re back from Coachella and I figured it was worth a little Bits Of My Weekend reunion. We could only take one work day off and afford a hotel for two nights, and in hindsight we both wish we’d skipped Friday (rainy, freezing, meh lineup) and stayed Sunday night because we had to miss some amazing acts to leave at five that day. The experience overall was interesting – all weekend we kept going back and forth between “I am never doing this again” and “this is amazing”. At first I was so annoyed with everything – the ridiculous amount of people, the half naked teenagers, the frat boy crowds – but I when St. Vincent played I decided I’d get there super early and put my claustrophobia aside and worm my way up as close as I could get. This proved to be an excellent idea because the show was life changing it was so amazing (seriously) and being that close and feeling everyone around me excited was such a high. I did that for two other shows – tUnE-yArDs and First Aid Kit – and had the best time. But I didn’t have the energy for that every time and when you’re far away and people are stomping on your fingers it’s not particularly pleasant. So I guess it’s just what you make of it and how much energy you want to put into having a good time and trying best to be zen about all the BS. Plus, we had a Shields date shake every day, so that helped.