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So, you guys, instead of doing Friday Bits today I made a tumblr blog that has been stewing in my head for months now. The topic: crazy/mean/hilarious comments on Pinterest. I’ve seen a lot of blogs cropping up lately on the topic of crazy things people pin, but I’m not interested in that as the gold mine for me is the comment section. Therefore I give you: Pinners Be Crazy. Please send me any good submissions as dragging through Pinterest for two hours has left me with no faith in humanity for at least another three days. I was going to be anonymous in my creation of this, but I’m not trying to be a mean girl, I’m really trying to focus on things we can all agree are downright mean or ridiculous, or insane overreactions, not make fun of people who are just from a different world than me.


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    I love this so much! These kinds of interactions on Pinterest have been a huge turn-off for me and are part of the reason I find myself staying away more and more. Thanks for bringing out the humor :)

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    Dude! So glad you started this! This is very much needed…And my boards are FULL of sh*t like this– here are a few to get you going. It’s BANANAS!
    I give you:

    He shrunk in the shower:
    The Shit Storm:
    Only Dogs Play with Bones:
    she does not look happy and i don’t think i’d like that dress:

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

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    Major win with this one Kate. Between the blatant copyright infringement and…insights people leave behind, I can’t even handle Pinterest. I’m also glad to know I’m not the only one who has to pace around the room when after reading something terrible written by a stranger in a virtual world. Two thumbs way up.

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    I guess I haven’t spent enough time on Pinterest to be aware of this! I need to explore more, maybe.

    I was happy to see that it looks like they are moving in the direction of private boards (per the recent email they sent out) and I would be thrilled to see that added. I’m basically using Pinterest as a bookmarking system rather than a social media site.

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    Those types of commenters almost make me want to stop using Pinterest. It’s funny that bitter middle aged women think it’s the new MySpace. I love when people say that their job validates their opinion. It makes me think I wouldn’t want to take a class with those teachers or art instructors etc.

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    Sheesh! That was like 15mins of getting really worked up and frustrated. When did people get so irritating? It’s like people think Pinterest users are trying to be the poster girl for body image or ethics or style. Pinners are just collecting things they like, not trying to push an agenda! I could rant about this for hours. If I got those comments I’d totally lose my cool. Good on you for persisting and using this tumblr to deal with it!

  7. tricia says

    oh man! this is awesome! i had no idea this was going on with some images on pinterest. where have i been? I laughed so hard at “… only dogs play with bones.”

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    thanks for this – i just spent a good 15 minutes cracking up on how people comment. I didn’t realize this was happening on Pinterest. very funny! (or weird?)

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    If I had a penny for every time I’ve read “eat a cheeseburger” in a Pinterest comment, I could buy a billion cheeseburgers. Seriously, Pinterest peeps are nuts. Good call starting this blog, the craziness deserves to be documented.

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    So glad you did this. I don’t think it’s being mean, but rather it’s compelling people to consider other people’s feelings before they thoughtlessly comment on something. I honestly don’t get the point of mean comments ever. Also, I’m a bit freaked out by some of the comments you’ve found!

  11. Myan Duong says


    Kate. Thank you for making this blog. I seriously spend so much of my life lately reading THE MOST redonkulous responses to NOTHING. It drives me insane. I thought having a lot of followers would make me feel more accomplished, but it’s just made me want to delete everyone. I’m so glad i’m not the only one who feels crazy reading the comments.

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    This is so terrifying! I can’t believe the ignorance and tastelessness and downright rudeness that not only do people possess, but also have no problem broadcasting it to the whole world! I want to run away from it screaming, but I can’t stop reading.

  13. Jessica says

    Oh good! For a minute I thought you were talking about Hairpinners. As a rule, they’re a little crazy but that’s why it’s so great. As for pinteresters… it’s the internet! Don’t let your children on it without supervision?

  14. Hillary says

    Omg, this is amazing! Some of those comment battles go onnnnn like crazy! All of it, the mean comments and the self-appointed pinterest police. Last time I checked, the boards are for my own personal reference. Its fun to share with friends but because I put it up there, I don’t need to know what everyone likes or doesn’t like about it. Phew! Good call!

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    Seems like a big, giant time sucker to me & sadly I have far too many internet TS’s in my life already. I miss the Friday round-up ;-)

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    I am SO GLAD you started this. My pinterest gets bombed with the most irritating and rude comments… I’m going to be submitting quite a few to you. I’ve noticed the MEANEST women who comment on my Pinterest are usually aged 45-65. Why does the older generation like to hate on the younger generation so much? I need ladies to look up to, not to be criticized and picked apart by.

    Here are some ever so not lovely, dramatic, and annoying comments on my pins: I’m incredibly pissed off by this one since a woman had the audacity to claim that as women, “We judge because it’s just what we do.” Last time I checked, I am a woman and what I want to pursue is love towards all women, not judgement.

    Ah man, I can’t even look through any more of my pins because I am getting so upset with the hate and elitist attitudes that pop up on my pins through people’s comments, arguments and battles.

    <3 moorea

  17. Katie says

    Love this, hysterical and truly highlights the ridiculous nature of commenting on someone’s personal visual interests in a way that supposes why he/she pinned the item in the first place. I long for the early days of Pinterest when it was not open to everyone.

  18. Brianna says

    This is my new favorite thing on the internet. Rarely do I ever laugh out loud at something I see on the internet (maybe I’m just looking at the wrong things) and I’ve been cracking up at these. This totally made my evening.

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    ha, Kate you’re amazing. this is so good. I had to laugh at the Ilana Kohn post, my favorite all time Pinterest comment is “eat a cheeseburger!!” come on gals, get some originality and change up your fat girl food of choice.

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    Wow, it’s like there’s this whole other dark side of Pinterest I had no idea even existed. This is just craziness!!! I thought it was about the sharing of visual information, not the soap box on top of which crazy ladies can talk smack… thanks for this post, very funny but also a bit scary.

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    I just found your “Pinners Be Crazy” Tumblr through another blogger today & was shocked to see what people comment on, on Pinterest! I actually wrote a post about it on my blog as well! Also, LOVE your blog! Can’t wait to read more!


  22. coral says

    Oh my goodness, this completely makes my day! While simultaneously making me feel horrible about how mean or clueless people can be. They really, really need to make commenting optional.

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    pinners be crazy is GENIUS. i’ve been laughing my arse off.
    i’d noticed a few comments on pinterest recently that really made me mad (mostly related to people being told to eat cheeseburgers) but i’d totally missed the hilarious ones. thanks for putting these together!

  24. sarah says

    oooh, I’ve got a good one for you! I hope I can still find it; it was a long time ago…

    This is such a funny and good idea. Love it!

  25. christina says

    honestly, seems mean spirited to me. the pinners are the butt of a joke outside of the context of pinterest so can’t even see that they’re being made fun of? i don’t see what the difference between making weird/offensive comments on the internet and making a site that makes fun of their weird/offensive comments. it’s still insulting other people, whether it’s intended to be serious or for fun. do the pinners need to have their own tumblr where they state that their comments are just for fun and defend themselves? where does this cycle end?

    i’d rather just see funny pictures that people pin.

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      While I don’t 100% agree with you, the tumblr is setting less and less well with my conscious so I’m going to discontinue it.

      I also think that making fun of what people pin is much more mean spirited than making fun of people who choose to call strangers fat/ugly/stupid/heroin addicts, but in the end I don’t really want to make fun of anyone as it probably gets us all nowhere.

      Regardless, I appreciate your honesty, not everyone has to be into what I do and I appreciate you saying it to me rather than behind my back like some others have chosen to do.

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