Real Talk

After much consideration and stomach aches, I’ve decided to put an end to Pinners Be Crazy. It was short lived and I still have tons of submissions that never were published, but I have my reasons. For the most part people gave me positive feedback and it made a lot of people laugh. I love making people laugh so that made me feel awesome. Some people even told me I was doing good work at calling people out for the terrible things they said to strangers on Pinterest, which also made me feel awesome. But slowly (or quickly? the internet distorts my sense of time) people came forward to express their qualms with the site, and slowly I started to agree with them to some degree. Some people were kind enough to email me and have an honest, private discussion about it, and some chose to voice their opinion about the site in the comments on other blogs that I came across. To each his own, either way I became aware of the issues some people had with it and it didn’t sit well with my conscience. The biggest argument that I came to agree with is that I’m being a hypocrite by making fun of people who are making fun of people. Another is that it serves no real purpose and my motivations are fuzzy – is the point to make people laugh, or make a stand against cruelty? In the end I couldn’t answer that completely, so I decided to stand down. Also, it was SO DEPRESSING going through submissions. People are so awful, you guys.

Maybe this is more explanation for a stupid tumblr than seems necessary, but I want to make it clear that I’m not stopping because someone hurt my feelings or that I can’t handle some people disagreeing with me. I don’t take criticism well, I’ve stated that before here, and not everyone needs to agree with me and be into the things I do in life, but it’s much more than that.

I also want to make it clear that I really, truly am sick and tired of the way some people treat each other in the comment sections online and I think that saying it’s just the nature of the beast is a cop-out. When I read vile, disgusting things in the comment section on Pinterest it makes my blood boil. I hope to explore other ways to take a stand against this, so stay tuned.

Thank you for being so awesome, my dear blog readers. And omg, did you know that some people didn’t know that the Titanic was real?? Corgis reenact these tweets. Sorry, I needed to end this heavy post with something lighthearted.

UPDATE: I’m closing the comment section because I just feel that this conversation is over and we don’t need to weigh the pros and cons of the blog anymore, but thank you for all of your input!