Weekly Music: Fiona, Annie, Emily

I’m working on a new mix but haven’t had the time to finish it yet, so in the meantime here are some songs I’m loving lately by awesome ladies:

A new song from Fiona Apple, Every Single Night, from her upcoming album. At first I was thrown off by how different she sounds, but then quickly fell in love and listened to it over and over and over and over… My alarm is set to buy tickets to her July show tomorrow!

An ass kicking Record Store Day release from St. Vincent, Krokodil. Also released on the same 7″ is another great new song, Grot. I’m into this more agressive direction, for sure.

I came across Emily and The Woods on Spotify as someone who sounds like The Staves, and I’m in love with her quiet, pretty songs and her thick English accent that comes through.