Weekly Music: Harmony Mix

Much like I collect beautiful songs, a close companion to that collection is beautiful harmonies. A lot of things influenced that, namely being in choir for many years, but the biggest influence is my mother. My mom may have not passed down to me much traditional motherly-like knowledge, but I’m most grateful for the fact that she gave me the gift of song. I have vivid memories of sitting next to her in the car as a kid listening to her quickly find the harmony to any song you could ever think of. She passed that obsession onto me and I am such a sucker for a song with beautiful layers of voices – even if it’s outside of my usual genres. Digging through my music and collecting a few new favorites, I put together a collection of great harmonies to share – most on the slow, folk side, a plucking guitar theme running through most of them. Definitely let me know if there’s anyone out there I need to check out who would fit on my list.

  1. Buffalo Mountain Man
  2. Mexico The Staves*
  3. a swallow song mimi & richard fariña
  4. Funeral Beat Peggy Sue
  5. Burn That Broken Bed Iron and Wine | Calexico
  6. In the Morning First Aid Kit
  7. Kingdom Come The Civil Wars
  8. Undertow Warpaint
  9. Casimir Pulaski Day Sufjan Stevens
  10. Gold Interference
  11. Someone You’d Admire Fleet Foxes
  12. Worried Mind Blues Ida
  13. Love That Conquers The Swell Season
  14. Bleecker Street Simon & Garfunkel
  15. Plans (Grizzly Bear cover) Band of Horses
  16. 24-25 Kings Of Convenience
  17. Tomorrow Tomorrow Elliott Smith
  18. Guinnevere Crosby, Stills & Nash
* thank you Andrea for sending me The Staves – please check out there EP, it’s 3 magical songs. Can’t wait for a full album someday. The video is beautiful, too.

Harmony from shespeaksoceans on 8tracks.

photo from the NYPL Digital Gallery