Friday Bits

Hey, friends! I would like to say what a nice little break I had while away from the blog for a week, but in truth it was anything but. However, I have my computer back and I’m slowly piecing my computer life back together, so things are on the up and up. A few crazy deadlines are off my back and I can tell by the lighter feeling on my shoulders that this bad mood that’s been hanging over my head this month is about to clear. Sometimes all you can do it wait it out, you know? I caught up with the internet last night and had a few bookmarks saved for a while, so how about a Friday Bits?

1. Carrie Schneider’s Burning House series takes my breath away. via Vic
2. Iron & Wine covered George Michael and it’s beautiful. One more reason to worship Sam Beam. In other unlikely covers (old) news, have you ever seen The Civil Wars cover Billie Jean? Perfection.
3. Hannah Waldron’s beautiful weavings are so inspiring. via Lena.
4. Did you see Alison’s wedding invitations, designed by Yas of Quill and Fox? They’re fantastic and very Alison. This is going to be the wedding of the century, mark my words, guys.
5. The Staves have a new EP out now, The Motherload, and it’s SO GOOD. I desperately need a full album release from these ladies in my life. Watch the music video here. Listen to the EP on Spotify here.
6. Brian has a wonderful poster for sale that recreates a wall of photos he had up at his show at Standard Goods. I’m the proud owner of the bottom right foggy tree photo, but it was a hard decision as they were all beautiful, so bringing them all together on a poster is genius.

Have a wonderful weekend! Is anyone going to see Moonrise Kingdom? So exciting.