Weekly Goods

I should really change the name “Weekly Goods” to “Whenever I Feel Like it Goods” – ha! Here are some products I’m really loving lately, no particular theme this time:

1. Heath Moonstone mug. Nothing new, but I went to Heath recently and picked this mug up and put it back like, eight times? I just want this one dedicated I hear there will be a 15% off sale on Mother’s Day, but I can’t find anything about that online so don’t hold me to that rumor.
2. Larissa Hadjio Panzano Ball bag, part of her amazing Diamond Vision collection. I love how interesting the shapes of her bags are without being too weird.
3. Pot + Pantry Salt Cellar. I love that this has a lid! They rarely do.
4. Fine Little Day Cross Breadspread. I love everything about this – the black and white pallet, the geometric yet rough painterly-style strokes.
5. Blackbird Coffee. One of my favorite shops in Seattle teaming up with one of my favorite coffee shops in Seattle? Genius.