Wordless: Randoms

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with Mamiya 645 with Kodak Portra 400 film and a White Slim Angel Wide-Angle Camera with Kodak Portra 160 film 


  1. says

    love all of these. especially the perspective on the last one! and can i safely assume those are will’s analogous-colour shoes on the deck? :)

  2. angela says

    the first one and the beach one are gorgeous. ok, i HAVE to know…where are will’s red chukkas from? i love them whenever i see them in your photos and share shoes with my husband and would like to buy us a pair.

    • says

      They’re made by Alife and he got them on Ebay as they’re from a past season! I’ve never seen them elsewhere. They do make a more sneaker-like chuck boot now though.

  3. says

    your photographs share your spirit.. and i really enjoy being on the journey with you! we decided to return to brooklyn but happy to be connected to your voice through the blogosphere.. all the best!

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