A little peek

I’m back in LA and already missing the slower, quieter pace of the Northwest (rain and all!). It took me 100 years to fall asleep last night in the hot SoCal summer night with all the loud sounds of my neighborhood streaming in through our open window. The train was amazing, but I’ll tell you more about that adventure next week when I get my film back. You can see my instagram photos of my trip until then.

For now, a peek at the latest collection Ermie I shot last week before I left, which I can’t wait to share more of once Jennifer does. These are my shots from the day, which are of course all film. Everything about this shoot was amazing – I’ll tell you more soon. In related news, Jennifer has a great feature on Sight Unseen and it’s fun to see some of my photos up on such a great site.

Photo: Kate Miss. Model: Lauren Spencer King. Hair & Makeup: Beatrice Valenzuela. Dresses: Jennifer Parry Dodge of Ermie (I snagged the second dress and can attest to its magical powers), Jewelry: Ancient Pocket for Ermie by Vanessa Samp.

Have a great weekend!