Random photos, random things

The last of this roll of Mamiya shots. I love this camera so much, I am going to go broke shooting all this 220 film. But it’s worth it.

I wanted to say a few things. First off, thank you all for the wonderful comments and congratulations on our engagement. You made me tear up and once again, reaffirmed my belief that the internet does more good than bad. I love you guys so much. This won’t become a wedding blog because we have no immediate plans to set a date and are sort of expecting this to be a bit of a long engagement. Plus that’s just not my thing, especially on this blog lately. In fact, I’m taking the summer off from Weekly Goods and Friday Bits, and also from sidebar ads. I need to distance myself from submissions and PR emails and all that stuff for a few months while I focus on getting my business and brand in order.

The other thing I have to tell you is that we’re moving, again. I know! We are crazy. Most of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter know this, but Will and I rented a workspace that’s separate from our apartment. No more working from home! It’s amazing and we move in soon, but this means that our apartment is too big and expensive, so we found a place that’s a bit smaller and less rent, plus is closer to the studio. I’m ecstatic and nervous, and also sad to leave our great apartment to move a bit more South than is ideal to me. But you can’t have an amazing apartment and studio in your favorite neighborhood all at once, so I’m fine with that. Plus we all know how much I love change and furniture rearranging…

Such adult changes right now. I say that as I stick a fist into a jar of caramel popcorn, sitting at my desk cross legged. Some things will never change.

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with Mamiya 645 with Kodak Portra 160 film