Train bound, necklaces left

I’m going out of town for a week on Thursday, taking the train to Seattle (36 hours!) for my cousin’s wedding this weekend in my hometown of Maple Valley. Then on Monday I’m driving down to Portland with my mom to stay with her and having quality Mom time for a few days before flying back home. Another family-only trip (someday I will see my PNW friends?), but I’m really looking forward to the break as I have had a very stressful last few weeks. When I get back we’ll be diving right into moving apartments so I need the resting up.

But! This brings me to the fact that there are just a handful of necklaces left in the shop, and if you’d like one soon you should snag one before Thursday morning, otherwise all shipments will be on hold until I return the following Thursday.

I have a few posts scheduled so you may not even know I’m gone, and I’ll be around on Instagram, I’m sure.