Breaking my usual no posts on the weekends schedule because I have some exciting news…

Last week Will told me we were going to Ace in Palm Springs on Friday, to stay in a fancy room for some R&R after a particularly stressful last few weeks. Will is fantastic with surprises, but this was one he could not keep due to logistics, and the smirk on his face gave his intentions away, much to my excitement. We are a team and have come to this decision together because it’s not one to take lightly, or approach just because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do in life, and something I’ve come to realize as a decision I need to take much, much more seriously than I have in the past. But just because I knew what was up Will’s sleeve didn’t make me sob like a baby any less when after breakfast (room service!) he got down on one knee by the fireplace and asked me to be his wife. We have been tested and triumphant, ready for anything else life decides to throw our way. Still as a team, but as husband and wife. And nothing else in this life has made me full of so much happiness.

Thanks for always rooting us on from the sidelines, friends.

Because the ladiez will ask (you are predictable like that) my ring is Satomi Kawakita. I don’t ever, ever wear rings and find the whole engagement ring tradition slightly funny as is, so I requested something super duper small, but unique. Satomi does not disappoint.