New Spaces

I know I literally just said I was being quieter, but so much has changed in the past two weeks and if you don’t follow me on instagram, you may be a bit behind on that visually. We not only moved into a new apartment, but a work studio as well, both in Koreatown (our apartment is technically East Hollywood according to the city, but locals can debate that one out). Needless to say going on a vacation and then immediately moving upon our return has done much expected things for my stress level, but things are slowly coming together. The studio is mostly together, but the apartment is another story due to the fact that we do not own a single piece of living room furniture since we moved to LA with no furniture and then used our living room as a workspace (and moved the crappy “sofa” we have to the studio). We have a faux fireplace though, so every single little knick knack and book we own has been crammed onto it in an almost art-piece like way that we both find hilarious. There are things I love about the new place, but I’d be lying if I said I really loved it. We had to make a sacrifice in order to afford a work space, so I feel good about our decision and know it will just take time to adjust! But there are really good things: an awesome view, it’s much quieter, you can hear crickets at night, the street is much cleaner than our last one, that fireplace, there’s enough light for our plant hoarding collection, there are nice wood floors in most of the apartment.

Now, the studio is a funny space. It’s a ten minute walk from the apartment into a bit of a sketchier neighborhood (I never feel unsafe, it’s just visibly dirtier, etc – it feels very much likes parts of Brooklyn I’ve lived in, in fact) and is in a big raw space off of the laundry room of an apartment building. I mention this because when someone is doing their laundry I have to wait until I hear them leave to go use the bathroom across the hall because one time I popped out and a lady screamed bloody murder upon seeing me as she clearly didn’t know an art studio was in that room. Whoops! We had a good laugh after she calmed down.

Will and I split the space but I’ve only included some little bits of my side that are finished (my jewelry desk and bookshelf is a disaster due to being in the middle of CRUNCH! TIME!) and he’s in the middle of some pieces he probably doesn’t want me to share photos of. The space doesn’t get a ton of light because huge trees mostly block the windows, but the exposed pipes allowed us to hang these cool utility lights we have, and the concrete room stays really cool. The hot hot week we’ve been having barely had any effect on me while working, which is amazing.

Details, because I know you may ask: the posters above my desk are by Reference Library, the desk legs by hairpin legs (remade this desk with larger wood), a Fieldguided calendar peeking out, the paper organizer is from Ikea, and don’t even ask me about the damn pipe legs on my jewelry desk because it was a disaster and had to be bracketed to the wall it was so wobbly. Pipe legs just don’t work for standing desks, I’ve discovered.

Now, before I go, please come back on Monday because I’m launching something pretty awesome!

Have a great weekend!