Weekly Music: Here We Go Magic

Even though I new it was coming soon, somehow the release of the new Here We Go Magic album, A Different Ship, flew right right below my radar. It is a bit of a mellow, quiet album, but arguably their most beautiful. After a shuffling percussion intro, it opens with a guitar strum but flows right into layers upon layers of smooth harmonies and subtle beats, and the title of the album and the cover seem apt because the album evokes a feeling of floating along in water at times. “Over The Ocean” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time and showcases Luke Temple’s amazing voice, and “Make Up Your Mind” is obsessive and almost agitating in the best way possible. Definitely check it out.

(side note: I mentioned this before, but there’s a music video for this song but I can’t handle it, it’s a bit disturbing and hard to watch!)