Introducing: Kate Miss Jewelry, Fall 2012 Collection

After a few years of flying by the seat of my pants with my jewelry business, I decided it was high-time to get my act together and start making seasonal collections and a better system so things weren’t just selling out in a flash and making people wait another month until I dreamed up 20 new necklaces off the top of my head. I also decided to start using my own name rather than For Me, For You as I think I’ve matured past that name. So, I’d like to invite you to take a look at the newly re-launched shop and my Fall 2012 Collection lookbook, which my friends Emma and Alison worked on with me a few weeks ago at my apartment. The shop will open for business Monday, August 20th at 9am PST/12pm EST. Read on if that time worries you, as there won’t be such a scramble anymore.

Let’s talk about the changes, as I know I’ve always done things in a unique way that some of you may have gotten used to. I’m sorry this is long winded, we have so much to talk about! I’ll splice in lookbook photos to break it up. Here is a short summary in case you want to take a nap at the sight of all this text:

1. Everything is made to order except the one of kind pieces.
2. Brass drops out, cast bronze pieces in.
3. A handful of one of a kind pieces released each month per collection.
4. Mix CD with every order!
5. Wholesale now offered! Let’s do it.

The long version:

1. First off, almost everything is made to order now. I have a few things made, particularly the cast pieces, but for the most part when you order it, I then make it. It’s not a completely unlimited amount so that I don’t get too backed up, so you may see things sold out, but if time is not of the essence, give me some time and watch the email list and I’ll put it back online for ordering.

2. Your beloved brass drops is no longer. I think I talked about this enough to have warned you and eased you into this change, but after three years it was time for it to grow up and mature into something new: cast bronze pieces. I hand carved wax beads and had a local caster here in Los Angeles cast the beads in bronze and matte finish them. The drops are reminiscent of the old drops, but they are thicker, more organically shaped, and the number of beads reduced to three so the necklace isn’t outrageously expensive and heavy. There’s also a new bead in town, a triangle that’s also a bit organically shaped that I’ve been wearing every single day for the last month. And on the topic of expensive, casting rather than buying pre-made beads costs me about 100 million times more, so naturally the price had to jump but I’m trying to keep it as reasonably priced as possible. But not only are these beads unique and one of a kind from other necklaces you could buy, I upped the quality of the materials used to include gold fill findings and overall the necklace is more delicate and fine – and also sits on your chest higher. I’m really excited about these and I hope you are as well!

3. Because I can’t just do a 360 on my usual ways, every month I will be releasing a handful of totally one of a kind pieces. This season I’m making clay amulets, after becoming fascinated recently with egyptian jewelry, lucky charms and amulets worn to ward bad spirits away, I though it would be fun to make something similar. This month I have five of these beauties for sale, and I’ll be making more in September and October.

4. My packaging has changed a bit and you can read more about it here, but I just wanted to mention something fun that my friend Bianca gave me the idea for: every online order will come with a special mix CD specific to each seasonal collection. I figure a way to bring my love of music and mixes to my costumers is a win-win because making it was ridiculously fun. I won’t be posting it online, you’ll just have to order something to hear it!

5. Lastly, I am now taking select wholesale orders! Email me if you are interested – katemiss at

So check back on Monday when I open the doors, the amulets are one of a kind and won’t be re-made exactly the same. Thank you guys for all of your support, as always.

Lookbook credits:

Photography: Kate Miss, shot on a Mamiya 645
Styling: Kate Miss and Alison Brislin (twitter/instagram/pinterest)
Model: Emma Robertson

The pink tank is by the lovely Ilana Kohn. Everything else, ain’t gonna lie, is from Forever 21 or Emma’s own.