Jewelry Making Class in Austin

photo via the Feliz website, not taken by me

Attention Texans! (and Texas visitors) While I’m in town for Feliz in November in Austin, I will be teaching a beginning jewelry class! Some other wonderful Feliz vendors will also be teaching classes, so check the Feliz blog on Monday for more information on those. I’m getting really excited about the lineup of makers so far.

Here are the details:

Workshop Title: 
Beginning Beaded Jewelry Design
Saturday, 11/3
An absolute beginners class on learning how to make a necklace using beads and brass chain. You’ll not only learn the basics of using tools and materials to make your own creations, but gain skills that you can then use to fix or re-imagine your jewelry collection. You will walk away from the class with one finished necklace. Your materials fee will cover a kit I will provide for you with all the supplies necessary, including a set of pliers to keep. If you have beads or pendants (loose or part of existing jewelry) you’d like to bring to the class, please feel free to bring them.
If you are allergic to brass, please get in touch and we can coordinate getting different materials for you at an additional cost.
$65 + $25 materials fee – max of 10 students. 2 hours long.

Casa De Luz
Cielo South room
1701 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704

The class will go on sale in my jewelry shop this coming Monday (August 20th) at 8am CST. You can buy a spot and them camp out until the rest of the shop opens a few hours later:) I hope to see some new faces at either the class or sale on Sunday!


  1. Kaley says

    Wahoo! I have been following your blog for some time now and am so excited that you will be in Austin! I cannot wait for this:)

    • says

      Not that I need to explain it to someone who obviously has beef with me that won’t be fixed through explanation, but for anyone else who is wondering – this is not a class to learn how to “string beads on chain and take home a pair of pliers”. It’s how to use headpins, open and close jump rings, form wire, etc. Learning how to use the pliers alone takes practice and skill. And the $25 fee is for a SET of five pliers, and that is the exact cost for the entire set, I’m providing materials for everyone to make necklaces out of pocket so I could keep the materials fee as low as possible.

      If you don’t like it, don’t take it. Don’t belittle me on my blog, please.

  2. Jane says

    i’d pay $90 bucks for this class in a heartbeat! i’d love to learn from a talented, generous artist like yourself. so worth it. come to nyc!!

  3. sallie says

    i’m an austinite and i SO want to take this class! but i’ll be out of the country when the class goes on sale. maybe i can get a friend to sign me up. hmmm…

  4. says

    was totally going to sign up…until I had to spend $1000 this week on my 16 year old dog’s vet bills. ugh. still debating and dreading seeing that it’s sold out.

  5. Jessie says

    I’m in Austin, and I’ve recently been wanting to take a class like this. Now I’ll get to learn some stuff and meet you too! Looking forward to it, and to the sale.

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