New print in the print shop

I’m in full-blown crazy mode trying to get the jewelry shop re-launched and the collection ready for action while on top of all the other work I have to do before going to Tahoe this weekend to photograph a wedding! Will’s uncle has a place up there so we’re staying for an extra day, making it a four day weekend that I’m excited for, but in the back of my head panicing over all the work I have to do. Story of a freelancer’s life, right?

But I do have a new print in the shop! I decided to make a new arrows print because I get a lot of requests for the old one and wanted to make an updated version that wasn’t part of the fundraiser. It’s available in both 8×10 and 5×7. I also made a requested 8×10 version of the Half-light Window and re-stocked the shop’s best seller, the Desert Circle print.

You non-rss peoples may have noticed the blog is looking a little different and that is because I’m getting all of my branding in line with the new look. If I had the man power and sanity I’d do it all at once, a big “ta-da!” release, but slowly turning things over is what works best with my one man show abilities. That’s how I roll.