Hi friends, I just wanted to pop in to say hello because I think this is the first time in ages that I didn’t post all week besides planned breaks and vacations! Needless to say this week has been very hectic. I want to thank those of you who left wonderful comments about the new jewelry line and those of you who purchased something, I was really touched. I know that there was a bit of concern over some things like the prices and the mix CD, but after three years of this business I’ve learned that you really can’t please everyone – the more you grow, the more polar opposite criticism you’ll hear. In one week getting one email from someone saying that my prices are ridiculous and then another saying my prices are too low made me laugh out loud on how opinionated and different we all are in this world. But in the end I am the sole owner of this business, doing everything myself, and decide what’s good for my business and customers. It’s a fascinating learning experience and I’m getting better and better about not taking things too personally, even if it’s difficult at times to remember that.

In the past few weeks I’ve been forcing myself to do something I’ve never been comfortable with: doing things alone. Sure, I’m alone in my studio all day, but I’m talking about hopping on my bike at lunch and heading out for mini adventures to both clear my mind and get some thinking done. As someone who only briefly lived alone once in my life and struggles with social anxiety now and then, I’m not really sure what has changed in my attitude to try so hard to work on this lately – maybe approaching the last year of my twenties has just flipped a switch in me, maybe it’s having a studio that forces me to go out to lunch sometimes, or maybe it’s just that I’m really pretty dang smitten with Koreatown and all of its treasures and lack of pretentiousness. I even went to a sit down nice restaurant today alone, a major step for me. But it’s been amazing, even if sometimes I choose a place with bad food or my bike tire goes flat or I realize I’ve stumbled across a place where no one speaks English and we wildly gesture at each other in frustration until I’m not even sure what I just ordered. Let’s just say I know more Spanish in one month than I’ve ever known in my life. (Which isn’t really saying much.)

Have a lovely weekend, friends, and I will see you all Monday with a real blog post about stuff.