Weekly Music: a grab bag

A few things on repeat lately that are not unique discoveries but I wanted to blog about.

The new Twin Shadow album, Confess, took me a few listens to decided if I was into it or not. It’s not a huge departure, but it’s a little…darker? The lyrics are at least, a little more bitter and agressive. Either way it’s grown on me and is great studio working music. And this music video is nuts.

The new Hot Chip album, In Our Heads, is just plain fun. Excellent productivity mix material. I love these guys and especially love this song featuring Lizzie from Gang Gang Dance.

Lastly, and I could write a whole post about this, I’m sure you’ve been hearing about Frank Ocean ad nauseam lately, and I held off listening to the album because of all the hype. Also because I caught one of his songs at Coachella when Will and I thought he was a rapper (because Will loves hip hop) and quickly realized the crowd was 10,000 ladies practically getting naked over their steamy love for his sexy crooning and I felt really weirded out. I wrote him off as an Usher-like R&B crooner and moved on, until recently when yes, I admit, the news of him coming out caught my attention. My admiration for his honesty lead to me reading more about his music and then I saw his Jimmy Fallon appearance and I was floored – it gave me chills. So I decided to give the album a try. I’m picky about this type of music and Ocean has the perfect combination of an incredible voice, amazing beats, and a uniqueness to his sound that comes together to one really impressive album.