Weekly Music: Tame Impala, Cat Power, & Flock of Dimes

Australian band Tame Impala has a new album coming out in October, Lonerism, and the first single off it – “Elephant” – is magical. “Like the Beatles on even more acid” -awesome youtube commenter.

The new Cat Power album, Sun, is streaming on NPR right now and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more of a stir about this online. It’s a new direction for Chan Marshall, synths and drum machines a plenty, but is more in line with my favorite of her albums – You Are Free. But even still, it’s a big change and I still need time to process it to give it my full review. I’m crazy about some of the songs, and not so crazy about a few, but it just may be one of those albums that needs time to sink in. But all in all, I was really not a huge fan of the lounge-singer direction she was going in before she disappeared for a while, (while bankrupt and hospitalized, apparently – I had no idea!) so I’m excited about this new sound.

Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak has a new single from her solo project, Flock of Dimes, called “Curtain”. I hope an entire album is in the works as I love this.