Haley + James

Haley and James were married on a hot, sunny day in Tahoe on August 11th, at Northstar. I don’t take on a lot of weddings, but I could tell through my conversations with Haley that this would be laid back and beautiful, full of creative touches, and who am I kidding? An excuse to go to Tahoe and soak up the beauty. And we did.

Photobomb, get ready! A few of my favorite things – all of the decor was DIY by Haley and her bridesmaids, made at her bachelorette weekend at her family’s lake house – including the paper flowers. They were amazing and I took many notes. Haley’s dress was custom made by Kajan Padraig – and while it certainly helped that Haley is one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever laid eyes on (girl crush? I didn’t retouch a spot on that girl), that dress was incredible. Also top-notch were the bridesmaids dresses, which were all vintage and so suited each lady’s personality.

Everyone in the bridal party was hilarious and fun, making for a really fun and goofy day of photo taking. Also photo booths: smartest wedding investment ever? Thanks for having me a part of your day, guys!

All photos by Kate Miss, a mix of digital and Portra 160 film shot on a Mamiya 645

If you’re interested in my wedding photography services, get in touch: katemiss at gmail.com. I take on a very small number of unique/laid back events.