Weekly Music: A Teenage Mix For A Sleepover

Over the weekend Will went to Arizona to visit his family, and because he rarely goes on trips alone, my mind raced thinking of all the things I could do while he was away. I could watch all of the TV shows and movies he hated and listen to Tori Amos at full blast! (ok, I already do that in the studio during the day) I could eat dessert for dinner without judgement! I could… HAVE A SLEEPOVER!!! And so I did. Eight of my closest lady friends came over, armed with sleeping bags, snacks, and booze and we had ourselves some old fashion teenage fun. It was glorious and magical, despite the insane heat wave that made us a little less motivated to do all the activities we had planned (collage making, nail painting, hair braiding). I even made us pancakes and eggs in the morning. The funnest thing about planning the sleepover for me (besides making tiny pies again) was making a mix of all my favorite songs I loved when I was a teenager – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I spent a couple weeks on it, traveling down memory lane, my mind being blown every day by songs that would suddenly come to mind that I hadn’t heard in ages.

The span of when I was listening to these is from 1996-2002, and I tried to organize the songs in order of when I was really into them (you can sort of see the phases I was going through), so they are not necessarily in order of when they came out because I realized that before the internet, finding out about an album way after it came out was even more prevalent, as was the case often with my musical journey as a teenager. I also did not include really old music that I was into, like my Jimi Hendrix phase in 9th grade. I grew up in Seattle, don’t judge. I also tried to use songs that were at least somewhat recognizable to people who maybe didn’t own the album so that it was a bit more of a crowd-pleaser for the sleepover.

I made the mix on Spotify because I don’t really own many of these albums anymore and tracking them down/buying them all seemed ridiculous. Enough yammering, get listening right here or below:

Photos above are Instagrams by myself and Laure, the setting (my living room) and our morning cold brew. We didn’t really take any photos of the evening because it was kind of a sacred space that we were having too much fun in.