Braids Success

The braid fundraiser was such a smashing success. It was crazy busy, people never stopped trickling in, and we were overwhelmed by the kindess, support, and hot babes that came in to get DID UP. Laure and I agreed that we had a braid hangover on Sunday, it was such mania (the good kind).

Shout outs:

  • Whitney for letting us take over (literally) her lovely store.
  • The Hedgehog for the delicious rum chai and coffee.
  • Katie Wilson for donating her time and talent to be our second braider, taking almost all of the walk-ins! We only just recently met Katie (at the Got A Girl Crush party, Lisa and I approached her as she was wearing an amazing braid!) and were blown away by her kindness for helping with this for nothing in return besides a thank you and a margarita. Girl is good people and a trust-worthy braider. She has a rad stationery line you should check out.
  • Laure for taking all of these amazing photos and cornering ladies after they got braided for pictures. And for helping with organizing and keeping Ali and I sane in our moments of panic and doubt. She’s amazing like that.
  • All the wonderful people who came in, dudes included, to support Ali. Sometimes I forget that the kindness of others can blow you away. That goes for those of you who donated online as well.
  • And I guess I should maybe give a shout out/hat tip to Ali for braiding like 100 million braids, working her butt off making beautiful things all day? Yeah, for sure.
  • Special hug for Joanna for posting about the braid bar and sending SO many ladies Ali’s way! Queen of the internet, that girl.

If you missed out on Saturday, you’re in luck, as Ali takes house calls now.

Team braidz!

Photos by Laure Joliet