Braids By Brislin: A Fundraiser

Ladies of Los Angeles, I want to invite you all to a really special event coming soon that I’ve been helping put together. Braids By Brislin is not only a day of getting yourself some badass braids, but a fundraiser to help out my dear friend Ali who is buried in medical bills after having a tumor removed. Here’s Ali’s story, straight from her, to catch you guys up:

Over the summer I had to have emergency surgery to have a grapefruit sized tumor in one of my ovaries removed, a sudden and shocking discovery during a routine exam. It was rapidly growing and compromising my organ function, and having been cut off of my insurance just mere days prior by my ex-boyfriend, I had no choice but to hand over my credit card to the hospital to perform the surgery. Which leads me to where I am today: buried in $15,000 of debt. I was incredibly fortunate to bounce back health-wise and I’m doing great now, but it’s impossible to get ahead and a daily stress on my life.
My friends and I put our heads together to figure out a fun way to have a fundraiser to help pay my medical bills. I’ve been braiding hair ever since I was a little girl, when my mom taught me how on my American Girl dolls. I’ve never stopped! Braids By Brislin is a braid fundraiser and a fun night of hair braiding and friends – to help me shave off some debt and to make some ladies feel pretty. Whitney of Myrtle has been lovely enough to host the event at her store, so I hope you can join us for a wonderful time.  We’ll be scheduling braids and accepting walk-ins, so email me to schedule a time or if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your support, I’m incredibly grateful!

Our fundraiser for Will’s surgery last year was such a success and helped us more than I can even put into words that I just want at least a tiny bit of that for Ali. We put together what I think is going to be an AMAZING day of braids, drinks, and fun. Whitney of Myrtle has graciously offered not only to host the event at her store, but is going to donate 10% of sales to Ali that day. Bottom line: Braids By Brislin is an afternoon where you can come and get your hair braided, have a drink, try on clothes (and buy clothes?) and be set for a Saturday night out looking awesome AND help out a super amazing lady. Email if you would like to schedule a time to have your hair braided that day. We’ll also keep time open each hour for walk-ins. Laure and I will be there all day as well, so even if you want to just come hang out and say hi, it will be fun times.

If you don’t live in the area or your hair is not braid-able/you hate braids (what?), there’s also an option to make a donation to her right here. My anger and sadness from good people having their lives ruined by medical bills gets me incredibly worked up and I would love to at least help her make a tiny dent or have just a little bit more peace of mind.