Winter Collection Sneak Peek: Debuting in Austin

I’m hopping on a train to Austin to head to Feliz, so I thought I’d give you all a peek of a few things that I’ll have for sale there from the brand new Winter 2012 Collection! It’s also a peek for my online shoppers as the new collection will be coming to the shop in a couple weeks after my look book shoot. I’ll go into more detail when the collection is released, but the biggest addition is some cool beaded strands, a new cast piece (not pictured), bracelets, and my most exciting new skill learned: fired bronze clay. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a clay material that is a mixture of microscopic metal particles held together with an organic binder and water. The binder and water burn away when fired in a kiln, and what remains is pure bronze metal. The resulting pieces are are organically shaped and each is fairly unique from one another, which I love. It’s been quite a journey learning how to work with it, but it means lots of new interesting pieces in coming collections.

I can’t wait to meet some new faces at Feliz and present the new collection! I’ll be back home next week, so until then, have a great week everyone.